Acceleration – Do Something!

*Acceleration – Do Something!

You have developed your organization or project, and you have funding pending or have already received funding. You need access to tax-exempt funds to take your program to the next level. This type of program, Colvin’s Model A, places your organization comprehensively within the legal framework of Humanitarian Social Innovations.

Acceleration is a program for the project that has a complete business plan to include a clear mission and vision. The project is ready to raise funds or earn revenue, and you, the project leader, have an advisory committee you can rely on. The project is not its own legal entity, but carries on the charitable mission as a part of HSI through the project’s own goals.

The project in Acceleration enjoys the following benefits:

  • Legal and fiduciary shelter of the HSI Board of Directors
  • Basic liability insurance
  • Accounting and bill paying services
  • Tax form 990 preparation
  • State fundraising registration
  • Access to online donation platform
    • No upper limit for donations
    • Ability to collect recurring donations
    • Credit card fees are not passed along to your organization
  • Access to tax-exempt funds
  • Consultation services to help you build your organization