Certified Grantee – Go for Impact!

*Certified Grantee – Go for Impact!

Your organization is an established, board-run legal entity with a charitable mission that aligns with that of Humanitarian Social Innovations. Furthering the clear mission requires federal tax exemption in order to access tax-exempt contributions and grants.

You apply for the opportunity to solicit grants and tax-exempt contributions into a restricted fund that HSI will establish for you. This type of program, Colvin’s Model C, places your organization in a position responsible for your own tax returns, insurance, liabilities and other legal obligations.

The project in the Certified Grantee Program enjoys the following benefits:

  • Tax form preparation
  • Access to online donation platform
    • No upper limit for donations
    • Ability to collect recurring donations
    • Credit card fees are not passed along to your organization
  • Access to tax-exempt funds
  • Consultation services to help you build your organization

*Both the Acceleration and the Certified Grantee Programs carry an application fee of $250 to cover to cost of preparing your organization to enter fiscal sponsorship on strong footing.


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