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 The Mission

Training and supporting emerging and seasoned social justice and democracy-seeking activists and advocates in PA and the region in effective uses of citizen media.


The Citizen Media Center exists to help passionate advocates for social justice and democracy create media strategies and train a new generation of citizen journalists committed to expanding democratic participation and citizen engagement. The dominance of corporate media, excessive money in the political process, and a historic defunding of the public sector has left too many communities and voices sidelined or silenced. The rise of new media tools – social media, blogs, smartphones – has made it possible for individuals and groups to create their own messages on their own terms and has been heralded as a new democratization of the media. However, tools do not work themselves. It is not enough for tools to exist; citizens must also have access to education, training, forums, and workshops on how to use these tools effectively for the greatest impact. Further, in order for citizen media to be sustainable, there must be educational and financial resources available for individuals and organizations to support their work. The Citizen Media Center is that place to nurture new generations of citizen media activists who will deepen democratic participation, expand social justice, and cultivate the next generation of democratic journalism.

Making It Happen

We are prepared for an exciting inaugural year! We are hitting the ground running with some ambitious plans to support and expand a vibrant citizen media culture in PA and across the region. Here’s a look as some of our projects and goals for 2016:

Citizen Media Space    

Our goal is to have a physical space on Main Street in Kutztown, PA by August. This space will serve as our operations hub, training center, and community outreach space.

Citizen Media Network Page

Hosted on our website, this page will list some of the best citizen media projects already underway in Pennsylvania. The Citizen Media Network page will provide a central location for people actively seeking out great independent media in Pennsylvania and across the region.

Citizen Media Fellowships for 2016 Election

The CMC will offer at least three modest fellowships for independent journalists to cover the 2016 election in Pennsylvania. The fellowships will support coverage of perspectives underrepresented in established media outlets, highlighting perspectives of everyday people in our communities.

Start-Up and Tech Support for Citizen Media Projects

We will be seeking out new or start-up citizen media projects that are using new media platforms in interesting and innovative ways to reach broader audiences. We will provide material and/or educational support for these projects.

Workshops and Consulting

Beginning in April, the Citizen Media Center will offer workshops on best practices for effective and impactful uses of digital tools for citizen media projects. We will also begin working with individuals and community organizations to provide training in digital media tools and effective citizen media strategies.

These are just some of the projects we will be pursuing in 2016. If you want to keep informed about the latest happenings at the Citizen Media Center, sign up for our mailing list right here

A Word to Our Supporters

At the Citizen Media Center we are ambitious and committed to helping develop a new generation of citizen journalists and media activists who will bring the stories, issues, and needs of our communities into the public sphere. Any democracy worth its name rests upon citizens who are informed and engaged in their communities. We also know that we do not get that kind of democracy simply by wishing for it. We must invest, support, and nurture it. That’s the reason we started the Citizen Media Center. But we cannot fulfill our mission without your help. Help us support a renewed and vibrant democracy by making a donation to support our work.



Citizen Media Center Founder Dr. Kevin Mahoney

Humanitarian Social Innovations & CMC

Our Partnership

Social entrepreneur Kevin Mahoney entered HSI’s Incubation:  Start Something! program in June of 2015.  During the incubation period he forged the raw material of his concept for a Citizen Media Center into a concrete organization, braced to transform the media world and well-qualified for fiscal sponsorship in HSI’s Certified Grantee:  GO for Impact! program, which Citizen Media Center entered in March of 2016.

Humanitarian Social Innovations treats funds received for the purpose of this project as restricted under the charitable trust doctrine.  All funds, minus administrative fees, are dedicated to the purpose of this project and will not be used to pay the expenses of another.

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