Recycling With a Purpose

Your recycled items can help raise funds for nonprofit organizations, or they can directly benefit those less fortunate. Maybe even both!



Board Books
Benefits Bringing Up a Bookworm

What is and is not accepted? Bringing Up a Bookworm can accept lightly-used children’s board books suitable for ages 0-5.

Cell Phones
Benefits Humanitarian Social Innovations

What is and is not accepted? HSI can recycle any wireless (cellular or PCS) phone. Cordless phones meant for home use, two-way radios, bag phones and pagers are not accepted.

Will I be charged airtime when the phone is reactivated? When the phones are refurbished, they are completely cleared and reprogrammed. Please do, however, deactivate your wireless service before donating your phone.

What if my phone is not working? Donate it anyway! Phones that cannot be refurbished will be recycled and disposed of according to EPA regulations.

Benefits Lions Club Recycle-for Sight Program

What is accepted? Usable, unbroken eyewear

Ink Cartridges
Benefits Humanitarian Social Innovations

What is and is not accepted? Please verify that your inkjet or laser cartridge is able to be recycled before donating by checking the lists below.

Recyclable Laser Toner Cartridge List

Recyclable Inkjet Cartridge List

Benefits Stitches of Love

What is accepted? Clean yarn from smoke-free environments is used to make hats and scarves for those less fortunate, as well as baby items for hospitals.

Where do I donate?

Items may be dropped off at the Humanitarian Social Innovations office at 301 Broadway, Suite M100-F in Bethlehem.
Or items may be packaged and mailed to: Humanitarian Social Innovations                 301 Broadway, Box 13, Suite M100-F                                                                                                  Bethlehem, PA 18015