What is a fiscal sponsor?

Fiscal sponsors are nonprofits that advance the public benefit by facilitating the development and growth of charitable, mission-driven activities.

What requirements must a project meet in order to work with you?

That depends on which of our two sponsorship models you choose. More information on our sponsorship models and their requirements can be found here.

Do you charge an administrative fee? How much?

We charge a fee of 10%.

Why do you charge the same amount for both sponsorship models?

Acceleration seems to have many more benefits. One of the benefits of Certified Grantee is that the organization has its own bank account and manages its own funds outside of tax-exempt donations and grant funds.  A Certified Grantee organization can earn money not subject to the admin fee.  An Acceleration program does not function with its own accounting system, so all of its funds come through HSI.

How long can a project partner with you?

We will work with a project for as long as they wish to collaborate with us. We only require a 180 notice of separation if the project decides to leave.

Do you aid projects financially?

Not directly. Instead, our clients benefit from our fundraising expertise and our growing relationships with funders.

Does HSI sponsor internationally?

We are not set up to grant money internationally, but we can sponsor US-based nonprofits that work internationally.

Does working with HSI require in-person communication?

Not at all.  We love to see clients in person, but we extend our services to clients who live in areas without access to fiscal sponsorship programs.

Where can I find an application?

Email office@humanitariansocialinnovations or call 610-451-4798 to request one.