Great Girls Scholarship


The scholarship’s mission is to assist exceptional young women on the road to success by awarding scholarships to relieve financial barriers that may prevent them from reaching their potential.

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Making it Happen

Each Great Girl Scholarship will provide between $500 and $3,000 to a Delaware girl between 7th and 12th grade who demonstrates exceptional skill in one of the following six categories: art, athletics, philanthropy, entrepreneurship, academics, or leadership. The winner can use the award money  to pursue higher education, to pay for  training, or to further the girl’s entrepreneurial goals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help young ladies find the greatness within them by rewarding their hard work in a way that will move them closer to their goals.  In the long term, we envision  scholarship recipients helping other girls achieve greatness along their journey. This is truly a pay it forward movement!


Founder De’Yanna Yancey-Harris remembers struggling as a single mother and how  receiving grants and scholarships enabled her to return to school. Her life was changed as the scholarships empowered her to attain her education and business goals. Now that she has achieved success in her career, her gratitude compels her to reach back and help pave the way for other girls.

Founder                                  A Word to our Supporters

De’Yanna Yancey-Harris

Dear Donors,

Thank you for helping HSI and Great Taste Design Foundation on this mission to empower young women. Great Taste Design Foundation believes that everyone has the power to design their life and define their happiness through action. With your support, the Great Girls Scholarship will alleviate some of the financial burden aspirational girls face on their path to greatness. This scholarship will motivate young women to accomplish even more in life. Eventually, we’d hope they will help touch the lives of others as a result of the scholarship. I’m a living testimony to that possibility. Please join us in creating this positive ripple effect.

Thanks for your support,

De’Yanna Yancey-Harris

Humanitarian Social Innovations & The Great Girls Scholarship

Our Partnership

Socially-minded, girl-empowering design instructor, De’Yanna Yancey-Harris first contacted HSI in January of 2017. Wanting to maximize the impact of the Great Girls Scholarship by gaining access to tax-exempt funds, De’Yanna applied for and received fiscal sponsorship in HSI’s Acceleration: Do Something! program in April of 2017.

Humanitarian Social Innovations (46-4779591) treats funds received for the purpose of this program as restricted under the charitable trust doctrine.  All funds, minus administrative fees, are dedicated to the purpose of this program and will not be used to pay the expenses of another.