Journalism Exposing Societal Issues


Exposing Societal Issues Through Journalism


“It is the opportunity to learn from others, to experience a life-changing weekend and to share the stories of those who need to be heard.” 



FaydenWriting Wrongs continues to expose societal issues in Pennsylvania. It is a charitable project that aims to change lives through journalism. Similar to photojournalism projects like Humans of New York, Writing Wrongs captures and publishes strangers’ stories. However, Writing Wrongs is making distinctively different strides to make a lasting impact on the people they meet. The interviews conducted allow young critical thinkers to converse with people in need. This benefits the usually unheard voices of those in need and allows college students to see a different way of living.


 Teenager and homeless man in journalism projectLast year Writing Wrongs addressed the issue of homelessness by interviewing residents at Opportunity House, a homeless shelter in Reading, Pennsylvania. Continuing in this tradition, in September, 10 college students will once again gather — this time to tackle the issue of addiction. The students will share the stories, knowledge, and hope extended by the residents at Easy Does It, an addiction treatment facility in Leesport, Pa.


 Last year’s homelessness issue has impacted people from across all walks of life. By devoting time, a listening ear, and photojournalism skills to the societal issue of addiction, Writing Wrongs hopes to have even greater impact this year.

On Saturday, August 27, 2016, members of the student photojournalism team who will participate in Writing Wrongs 2016 will gather to publicly read the work of their predecessors.  They hope to shed light on the issue of homelessness and raise funds for the production of Writing Wrongs 2016.  Please see details below.  Can’t make the event?  You can still donate if you would like to help support this project.  As our thank you gift for donating, you will receive a complimentary copy of Writing Wrongs 2016.

*photo credits: Stephanie Giannakis, Writing Wrongs 2015 Staff
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