MELTDOWN, Based on True Events


MELTDOWN, Based on True Events will increase the awareness of the long-term effects of radiation and the necessity to “GO Green!” now.

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Why This Feature Film Must be Made

Our first and largest undertaking is the making of a full-length feature film based on the true events of screenwriter Jill Murphy Long’s life surrounding her exposure to radiation as a teen during the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. Following the release of the film, we will continue to support the TMI Survivors and their families by funding research and connecting them with programs that improve their quality of life.


“I was born in Pennsylvania. When I was home on a book tour in 2003, I heard many classmates and neighbors had been diagnosed with cancers and neurological diseases. I was shocked.

In less than seven years, my younger brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, skin cancer, and thyroid cancer in 2012. The same year, I was also diagnosed with a brain tumor.

In 1979, we lived just outside the 10-mile radius around Three Mile Island. TMI, the worst nuclear accident in US history, caused a nuclear meltdown, which was not discovered until the summer of 1982.

Since my successful brain surgery, I have been conducting research to find answers as to why so many in Central PA are affected. The result is a script for a movie that will bring awareness to the long-term effects of radiation and the necessity to ‘GO Green!’ today.

While this story started as mine, it is now their story too. With your help, our voices will be heard to stop nuclear history from repeating.

JML films stands on the ethics of Justice, Mercy, and Love. We make movies that matter.”

-Jill Murphy Long

Founder Jill Murphy Long
JML Films
Portland, Oregon
970 846 1428

A Word to Our Supporters

My home, Central Pennsylvania, has been tremendously kind and generous, but we need you to help us see this feature film produced and distributed worldwide. We are making this movie for those affected decades ago, but also for the future, our children.

Currently, we have the interest of A-List actors and Erin Brockovich.

On May 30, 2017, Three Mile Island nuclear plant announces it will close in 2019.

On May 31, 2017, Dr. David Goldenberg’s published molecular medical results link thyroid cancer to the 1979 nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island.

Thank you for helping us make a movie that matters.

Jill Murphy Long, JML Films



Cancer Cluster Map of Central PA
Proof of Concept Trailer


Humanitarian Social Innovations &

MELTDOWN, Based on True Events

Our Partnership

Author and scriptwriter Jill Murphy Long first contacted Pennsylvania-based fiscal sponsor HSI in May of 2017. Wanting to maximize the impact of the story she has to tell, she applied for and received fiscal sponsorship in HSI’s Certified Grantee:  GO for Impact! program in June of 2017.

Humanitarian Social Innovations (46-4779591) treats funds received for the purpose of this program as restricted under the charitable trust doctrine.  All funds, minus administrative fees, are dedicated to the purpose of this program and will not be used to pay the expenses of another.