Member Fundraising

Fundraiser Details for the HSI Community

Friends Helping Friends (Local Fundraiser)

Once a year Boscov’s Department Stores host Friends Helping Friends, a special day filled with fun and fundraising to benefit area non-profit organizations. There is no cost or obligation to participate. We can have as many $5 shopping passes as we want to sell to friends, neighbors and family. You can start selling the passes as soon as they are made available to us in the springtime, giving you plenty of time to earn cash for your program. Everyone who purchases one of your shopping passes receives a 25% discount pass for purchases made only on Friends Helping Friends Day-October 17, 2017. In addition, they are eligible to win a $100 or $500 gift card!

If you would like to sell these for your program, request shopping passes from We will record the number of passes you requested. Sell as many as you can for $5 each and return the cash and remaining passes to HSI no later than one week after the event in October. All of the cash you earned, minus administrative fees, can go directly into your program funds!

HSI also is allowed two days to sell passes in the store. Our days at the Berkshire mall are August 5 and October 14. Anything you sell on those days at the HSI table will be credited to your program as well. We may also sell on August 18 and October 13 at the Lehigh Valley Mall. Also, if you would like to volunteer in either store on the day of the event, let me know. You can sell passes on that day also.

Friends Helping Friends Information Sheet

FlipGive (National Fundraiser)

FlipGive is a web platform on which you can do your everyday shopping with hundreds of great brands and earn cash back for your team on every purchase.  You will even be able to shop restaurants and travel accommodations! It doesn’t cost you anything to join or shop on FlipGive. You may even be able to take advantage of special offers only for FlipGive shoppers!

Acceleration: Start Something! Programs

Click here to join the HSI team. Then track donations that originate with your purchases or your friends’ purchases. Funds you earn, minus administrative fees, go directly into your program funds when FlipGive disperses funds to HSI.

Certified Grantee: GO for Impact! Programs

Go to to set up your team and link to your organization’s bank account. Then share and shop. That is all there is to it.


Redner’s Save-A-Tape (Local Fundraiser)

If you live anywhere near a Redner’s store, you can participate in this program. Supporters scan their Redner’s Rewards card at checkout and then give you their receipt. You track the Save-A-Tape totals until they reach $5000. Then download and fill out the form at the link below and take it and the receipts to the Redner’s Market nearest you. They will send a check to HSI. Notify HSI that you have dropped off receipts and we will be on the lookout for your funds, which will be deposited in your account after administrative fees have been deducted. A good idea is to place a collection box for receipts at your church or club meeting room if permissible.

Be sure to neatly track and store the receipts. Circle the save-a-tape total on each receipt in ink; do not use highlighter.

Redners Save-A-Tape