Mike Planer

Mike is the Co-founder and Development Engineer at Soltech Solutions, where he developed a unique LED light that promotes plant growth indoors, enabling society to reap the health benefits plants confer in broader and more diverse contexts.

In addition to co-founding his own nonprofit, Solar for Academics, Inc., Mike has volunteered with other nonprofits both in the U.S. and abroad, including setting up rain water collection systems in Costa Rica, promoting volunteerism in China, and working with orphans in the Ukraine.

Mike holds a B.S. degree in Energy Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, focusing on green building design, sustainable systems and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Mike also holds multiple certificates for Robotics and Automation Technology and Industrial Electrical Engineering.

He is driven by the belief that when you follow your dream, it opens the door for others to follow theirs and that entrepreneurship isn’t a solo enterprise but requires the help of other people. As an entrepreneur, Mike understands the challenges people face starting a business and participates on HSI’s board to support other entrepreneurs, share experiences and provide new ideas.